Secured by Silver

Every SovereignCoin represents a one gram weight of silver that may by tendered at any time for pure, investment-grade silver coins and bars.

Enabled by Blockchain

The SovereignCoin Blockchain is a universal balance sheet that enables trust-less value exchanges with absolute assurance and confidence, and without intermediaries.

Powered by People

The SovereignCoin marketplace is a robust and secure platform where investors and entrepreneurs can conduct commerce with confidence and clarity.

"Blockchain is a Game Changer"

"Marrying the security of silver with the synchronicity of a Blockchain, where the data representing every exchange of value is encrypted and revealed to all stakeholders, stimulates the elements most critical to the health of our marketplace, respect and trust for the 'tokens' that enable it."

Steven J. Merrill, Sovereign Exchange International Ltd.

Sovereign Exchange International Ltd. is a Canadian financial services company operating a commercial trade network since 2012. The company is beta-testing applications that will replace the existing supply of trade credits (Sovereigns), representing 174,368 grams of vaulted silver bullion, with encrypted digital tokens (SovereignCoins). The revised business model provides that SovereignCoins may be tendered for value by willing parties (members) that deploy the encryption keys to their corresponding wallets, and that every transmission is validated upon a privately secured Blockchain. Additional SovereignCoins will be made “outstanding” by the company with every future exchange of tokens for silver bullion, the company’s reserve increasing by a minimum of 1 gram (or fraction thereof) for every new token made outstanding.

  • Steven J. Merrill

    President & Founder

  • Grant Baudais

    Treasury Secretary

  • Darrell A. Halverson

    Chief Technical Officer

  • Levon W.


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